First Baptist Church, Richmond KY
Sunday, September 27, 2020
Did you know that you can access our website from your smartphone? 
By doing so you can access any web content - FIRST Link, e-Giving, a recent bulletin or even the audio from a recent sermon.  It's easy!  Follow the instructions below...

Go to your phone's browser and open
After the page loads, click on SHARE button to add to your home screen
(SHARE is usually a box with arrow in it)
Now you should see an icon of our website.  Enjoy!
Note: you can do this with ANY website!  Also, if you want easy access to FIRST Link on your phone, rather than having to go through the website. follow the above instructions by going to our website.  Go to FIRST Link.  Click on the FIRST Link button.  When that page loads (the FIRST Link login screen), click on SHARE button and add that link to your home screen!