First Baptist Church, Richmond KY
Monday, March 01, 2021

Please Note All Discipleship Classes are currently suspended due to Covid-19
We hope to restart classes in Spring 2021

Below is a list of our core class offerings at FBC. These and other classes are offered from time to time. Classes for each upcoming semester and the opportunity to register for these classes, when registration is open, can be found by clicking on the top link above.  Additionally, sign-ups are available at the discipleship table just outside the Sanctuary in the long hallway during registration period.
Introduction to ALIVE

New Beginnings
This is the introduction class to FBC and first step in our ALIVE Discipleship process. (Meet and eat with the senior staff, tour the facilities; sessions focus on discovering what it means to be a member, discovering your S.H.A.P.E. for ministry, discovering spiritual maturity and discovering your mission). This class is for anyone interested in knowing more about FBC, its ministries and mission. Offered monthly in a one day format from 8:15am—12:45pm. Light breakfast and lunch with Senior Staff provided. Childcare is available upon request at registration.
Adore God
NEXT: First Steps in the Faith

This is designed to cover some of the basics of your Christian faith.  But beyond the facts and how-to’s, the heartbeat of NEXT is discipleship.  The core meaning of discipleship is one life pouring into another.


 Love All People
Explore the Bible, Plus Options
ALIVE GROUPS are the foundational strategy at FBC for leading people to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and for building on-mission Christians through open Bible study groups that engage people in worship (Adore God), fellowship (Love all People), ministry (Invest in God's Work), discipleship (Value God's Word) and evangelism (Expand God's Kingdom). We offer both on campus and off campus groups on Sunday and during the week. Most use Explore the Bible materials but some offer other options. All groups meet every week and are ongoing.
Invest in God's Work
S.H.A.P.E. Profile 
This study helps you discover God's unique purpose of your life based on the way
God has shaped you and your personal blend of:
     - Spiritual Gifts
     - Heart
     - Abilities
     - Personality
     - Experiences
Value God's Word

Read the Bible for Life
This study teaches you how to read the various types of biblical literature in a way that unlocks God's intended meaning, enabling you to accurately interpret the Bible and appropriately apply its teachings to life.


Expand God's Kingdom

XCHANGE: One to One Multiplying Change

Discipleship is more than getting more information from or about the Bible. Rather, your journey as a disciple is about taking the truth you learn and personalizing it to your life to bring about constant life change and growth. The reason for growing spiritually is that we are “being transformed into Christ’s likeness.”
That means that the more we grow, the more we become like Christ. The more we become like Christ, the more effective we will be at accomplishing God’s intention for us on earth.
 Additional Opportunities: 
Please see the Ministries tabs on the left for additional opportunities
 that may be of interest to you.