First Baptist Church, Richmond KY
Sunday, September 27, 2020

8:15 On-Campus ALIVE Classes    
*Please Note adjusted COVID-19 Schedule on our Homepage*                 

The Barnabas Bunch (C, fall)

We discuss and implement scriptural principles in today’s culture through ministry.

Teacher: Hal Blythe; Room 108 (Youth Area, Lower Level)

Lamplighters (M, winter) 
Teacher: Brian Nelson; Room 109 (Youth Area, Lower Level)
Fellowship (C, fall) 
Teacher: Allen Engle; Room 111 (Youth Area, Lower Level)
Truth Seekers (C, fall) 
Teacher: Roger Bartley; Room 114 (Youth Area, Lower Level)

Agape (W, winter)

We want to share unconditional love in our relationship with each other in our study group.

Teacher: Wanda Ramsey; Room 201 (Conference Room)

Bykota (C, winter)

“Serving Christ by meeting the needs of our fellow man.” 

Teacher: Lynn Collins; room 217 (Choir Room)

Dorcas/Bethany/Gleaners (W. winter)

Our AIM is to Serve The Lord with gladness and to give of our best to the Master.

Our Motto is Luke1:37—Nothing is impossible with God and to Love one Another.

Teacher Dianna Ackerman; Room 309 (Fellowship Hall)

Seed Sowers (Luke 8:15) (M, fall) 
"But the ones that fell on the good ground are those who having heard the word with a noble and good heart , keep it and bear fruit with patience."
Teacher: John Nugent; Room 313 (Fellowship Hall)

Builder Bible (W, fall)

To proclaim Christ by what we say, what we do, and what we are.

Teacher: Robin Hensley; Room 315/317 (Fellowship Hall)

C = Coed; M = Men; W = Women; S = Singles.

Spring = Ages 18-29; Summer = Ages 30-49; Fall = Ages 50-69; Winter = Ages 70 and up.