First Baptist Church, Richmond KY
Sunday, September 27, 2020
9:30 On-Campus ALIVE Classes   
*Please Note Adjusted COVID-19 Schedule on our Homepage*

Grace and Love (C, summer) 

A class making connections to God's Word and His people in a relaxed Atmosphere. 

Teacher: Lee Dale Gibbons; Room 201 (Conference Room)


Watchmen Class (C, summer)

We intentionally read God's word seeking wisdom and guidance from Him in our quest to be more like Jesus. 

Teacher: Chris Caldwell; Room 217 (Choir Room)

Magi (C, summer/fall)

We discuss what it means to be a Christ Follower and how to apply the Bible’s teaching to life’s most pressing challenges, conflicts and choices.

Teacher: Ron Hunt; Room 307 (Fellowship Hall)

THRIVE (W, summer)
Teacher: Heather Shepherd; Room 309 (Fellowship Hall)
Philippi (C, summer)
Teacher: Duane Curry; Room 311 (Fellowship Hall)

PYC (C, spring/summer) 

A class designed to meet distinct needs of Parents of Young Children. 

Class members range in age from 20 to 50 with children from conception through middle school.

We have a curriculum that rotates through parenting and marriage development material and we mirror

the children's material as well to support more focused conversation with our children during the week.

Added to this are regular off campus fellowship opportunities for the moms and the dads.  

Teacher: Mike York; Room 313 (Fellowship Hall)

FBC College (C)
Teacher: Zac Salyer; Room 607 (Balcony)

Kingdom Seekers (C, summer)

We are a safe place where faith and life can be explored through the lens of God’s Word as we seek His Kingdom. 

Teacher: John Ward; Room 609 (Balcony)

Adult Spanish (C)
Teacher: Rudy Montalvo; Room 615 (Balcony)

Esther (W, fall)

Women growing in Christ while helping others.

Teacher: Connie Osborne; Room 620 (Balcony)

 Prodigals (Luke 15:32) (M, Spring & Summer)

We are a small group dedicated to young men being transformed into fully vested Disciple Makers.

Teacher: Sam Newman; Office 504 B in the staff hallway

Growing in Grace (C, spring)  

A class for young adult coeds who are seeking to participate in in-depth Bible study as a means to explore who God is and how we can grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We desire to learn about Him and to seek to obey and follow Him as we do so.  

Teacher: Roger  & Pam Bartley; room 612

C= Coed; M = Men; W = Women; S = Singles
Spring = Ages 18-29; Summer = Ages 30-49; Fall = Ages 50 = 69; Winter = Ages 70 and up.