First Baptist Church, Richmond KY
Tuesday, September 29, 2020
Adult On-Campus and Off-Campus Alive Groups/Bible Study

100 LEVEL OPPORTUNITIES: To lead people to Christ, church membership and care for their needs
Explore the Bible: Sunday School/Bible Study (No Cost)
Sunday School Director: Ron Hunt 302-3334, Jim Gullett
Facilitators & Locations: See each class listed below
Dates / Time:  Every Sunday @ 8:15 a.m., 9:30 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.

LL = Lower Level
FH = Fellowship Hall
8:15 a.m.: Director: Ron Hunt/Jim Gullett
Class: Barnabas Bunch (Coed) Teacher: Hal Blythe; Location: 108 (LL)
Class: Lamplighters (Men) Teacher: Brian Nelson; Location: 109 (LL)
Class: Fellowship (Coed)  Teacher: Allen Engle; Location: 111 (LL)
Class: Truth Seekers (Coed) Teacher: Roger Bartley; Location: 114 (LL)
Class: Agape (Women) Teacher: Wanda Ramsey; Location: 201 (Conference Rm)
Class: Bykota  (Coed) Teacher: Lynn Collins; Location: 217 (Choir Room)
Class: Dorcas (Women) Teacher: Sylvia Powell; Location: 309 (FH)
Class: Bethany/Gleaners (Women) Teacher: Dianna Ackerman; Location: 307 (FH)
Class: Builders Bible (Women) Teacher: Dee Parks; Location:  315/317 (FH)
Class: Friendship (Men) Teacher: Don Moore; Location: 311 (FH)
Class: Men Teacher: John Nugent; Location: 313 (FH)
9:30 a.m.: Director: Ron Hunt/Jim Gullett
Class: T2:12 Titus 2:12 (Coed - College) Teachers: Jim & Jennifer Walters; Location: 607 (Balcony)
Class: Watchmen (Coed) Teacher: Chris Caldwell; Location: 217 (Choir Room)
Class: Magi (Coed) Teacher: Ron Hunt; Location: 307 (FH)
Class: Grace and Love (Coed) Teacher: LeeDale Gibbons; Location:  201 (Staff Office Hallway)
Class: Parents of Young Children (Coed) Teacher: Mike York;  Location: 313 (FH)
Class: Philippi (Coed) Teacher: Duane Curry; Location: 311 (FH)
Class: Kingdom Builders (Coed) Teacher: John Ward; Location: 609 (Balcony)
Class: Deaf Ministry (Coed) Teacher: Lavonne Michel; Location: 504A (Staff Hallway)
Class: THRIVE (Coed) Teacher: Heather Shepherd; Location 309 (Fellowship Hall)
Class: Esther (Women) Teacher: Connie Osborne; Location: 620 (off Balcony Landing)

11:00 a.m.: Director: Ron Hunt/Jim Gullett
Class: Adult Spanish (Coed) Teacher: Valle; Location 111 (YA)
Class: Family Ties (Coed) Teacher: Sylvia Powell; Location: 217 (Choir Room)
Class: Single-Minded (Coed)  Teacher:  Carl Powell; Location:  307 (FH) 
Class: Sojourners (Coed) Teacher: Lynn Collins; Location: 309 (FH)
Class: J.O.Y. (Coed) Teacher: Bill Wright; Location: 311 (FH)
Class: Sisters (Women) Teacher: Patience Fort; Location: 313 (FH)

Sunday 6:00 P.M. Director: Ron Hunt/Jim Gullett
Class: Surrendering to Win (Coed) Lead Facilitator: Nikki Strunck & Eddie Alexander; Location: Conference Rm. 201
Note:  This class meets on Sunday Evenings beginning August 19, 2018